Our Mission

Our unwavering mission is to eliminate the burden of osteoporosis across the world, transforming it from a widespread affliction into a rarity. We envision a future where osteoporosis no longer undermines the lives of millions, allowing everyone to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We invite you to take our 60-second bone strength test to embark on this journey towards better bone health. This simple yet impactful assessment is your first step towards understanding your bone health risk. The lifestyle modifications we recommend are straightforward and economical, designed to make a profound difference in your bone health without overwhelming your daily life.

We urge you to seize this opportunity to assess your bone health risk through our comprehensive bone strength questionnaire. This critical step is not just about safeguarding your health; it's about fortifying your future and ensuring your bones remain robust and vigorous. Join us in our mission to champion bone health and eradicate osteoporosis from the lives of future generations.

5 Key Facts

A few simple facts everyone should know:

1. Around one in ten people will suffer from the condition in some form.

2. The symptoms may be occasional or fleeting, Particularly in the early and later stages.

3. Simple to diagnose using insights revealed by answering a straightforward questionnaire that sketches bone health, followed by a variety of tests to obtain a detailed picture of the condition of the bones.

4. Many effective approaches exist to treat the condition so bones can revert to a healthy condition.

5. If you stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, eat a balanced diet and do weight-bearing exercise, it will have huge benefits for bone health.

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Welcome to the beginning of your journey to better bone health. Our short questionnaire will calculate the current condition of your bone health and, based on your answers, predict where your bone health might be. We will then suggest a strategy for you to move forward to a life free from osteoporosis. Please note this is not clinical advice but to get you started on your journey of curiosity about you, starting with your bones!

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Visit our FAQs page for answers to questions such as why osteoporosis develops. Who is at risk? What is the current treatment? And many more.