Be Aware of Your Bone Health

We aim to prevent osteoporosis, but what are the signs that we should look for if we are to diagnose the condition early and get effective treatment promptly? These 5 bite-sized points offer a picture of what symptoms to be aware of.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

1. Back pain caused by a fractured vertebra: When multiple fractures occur together they can cause extreme pain and disability.

2. Loss of height over time: It can be unclear what is happening until there are clear spinal imaging results revealing multiple fractures collapsing the spine.

3. A stooped posture: Osteoporosis can be masked by other conditions making diagnosis difficult unless the individual goes on to develop further complications.

4. A bone fractures more easily than expected: Osteoporosis may have no symptoms until there is a crisis - in the event of a single fracture it may not be clear that osteoporosis is the culprit.

5. Ongoing muscle spasms: The pain can be debilitating to mental health. Women diagnosed report elevated instances of depression, reduced sense of well-being and reduced quality of life.


Top 5 Prevention Tips for Osteoporosis

Prevention is nearly always better than the cure, so read these top five tips on how you can prevent osteoporosis before it starts.

Avoid osteoporosis

Top 5 Treatments of Osteoporosis

Some of us will need to be treated

If you do need to be treated, read our top 5 most common and effective treatments for curing osteoporosis.

Focus on effective treatment

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