We Want to Ensure Everyone Has Healthy Bones

In order to accomplish this we want to start you on the road to lifelong bone health, so here are our top 5 quick tips to achieve improved general health and strong and healthy bones, particularly in later life.

Prevention Tips for Osteoporosis

1. Regular weight bearing exercise, e.g. running, dancing or aerobics, strengthens the bones and surrounding muscles.

2. Get enough calcium. This mineral is important in maintaining bone health. Calcium-rich foods include leafy green vegetables, dried fruit, tofu and yoghurt.

3. Get enough vitamin D. This helps the body absorb calcium and can be obtained by regular exposure to sunlight. Additional dietary sources of vitamin D include oily fish, eggs and liver. If you’re concerned you’re not getting your daily vitamin D and calcium requirements you might want to consider supplementing [click link to adults and bone health section featuring supplements]

4. Stop smoking. Smoking slows the cells that build bone in the body. Smokers are found to be at higher risk of breaking a hip as they age.

5. Drink less alcohol. NHS recommends no more than 14 units a week. Alcohol increases your chances of falling and breaking bones.

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